TERM is drawing attention to the challenges digital tobacco marketing poses to efforts to reduce and prevent tobacco consumption, especially among youth, and is moving key decision-makers to action.
TERM helps to bring the issue of online tobacco marketing to mainstream media through hundreds of media mentions and stories. This has included articles in the Jakarta Post, The Telegraph, El Heraldo de México and other leading news outlets. See our press page for highlights.

The data we generate is helping to grow demand among policymakers for stronger policies on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship and to draw attention to the need to enforce existing ones. For example:

  • In Indonesia, our reports are being used by the Indonesian Consumer Association, National Agency for Food and Drug Control, and Ministry of Health in efforts to understand the online tobacco marketing landscape and strengthen regulations.
  • In India, our reports are providing data on online tobacco surrogate marketing and brand extensions to inform dialogue about new guidelines on misleading marketing.
  • In Mexico, TERM data is being used to monitor a recently introduced national ban on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship.

TERM is also holding conversations with digital platforms about how to curb tobacco marketing that is slipping under their monitoring systems.

TERM de Vital Strategies es la primera herramienta de este tipo que monitorea y recopila casos de marketing de tabaco en línea para fortalecer aún más las políticas de control del tabaco existentes.

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